Craftsman captures the character of the Art & Crafts era. Technically, musical door chimes became popular after the Art&Crafts era had passed, so there are no vintage Arts & Crafts or Mission style chimes. This model creates a thoroughly credible looking example, suitable for period interiors.


cover constructed of solid quarter-sawn white oak
dimensions xx” long x xx” wide xxx2” deep
sound two notes for front door, one note for additional door
power 16-volt, common doorbell transformer
connection typical wired doorbell circuit
price $475 - contact me for purchase


see below

Craftsman options



16-volt transformer
standard doorbell transformer. 110v input, 16v output.
add $10

lighted doorbell button
not fancy, but effective.
add $5 each


third tube has no effect on sound, strictly decorative add $75



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