My first site and original home to all my doorbell content. Otherwise, it is about mid-century modern architecture in Humboldt County California. Special topics and bits and pieces of mid-century homes from Sputnik light fixtures to dutch gutters.

Modern Doorbells
The best source for contemporary compact doorbells. Very smart designs and exquisite quality.

Atomic Ranch Magazine
The best magazine about mid-century residential architecture and design. Certified hep cats are already subscribers; wannabes should pick up a copy right now.

R&I Enterprise, Inc.
Probably the best source for NuTone parts. Helpful people here. There aren’t a lot of vintage chimes parts available anywhere, but what there is can be got here.
See this page for an incredible resource of NuTone assembly and parts drawings going back several decades… but be aware that a picture and part number does not mean a part is still available.

Advanced Clock Repair Service
So far, the only clock repair shop that I have found that will work on low voltage electric clocks of the sort sometimes used with door chimes.. and not just Telechron brand clocks.




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