Vintage Door Chimes for Sale

I always have some very special door chimes for sale. I try to find the most interesting vintage chimes and then give them a thorough mechanical and cosmetic renovation. I am confident that these are the very best vintage door chimes available anywhere. My hope is that these magnificent chimes will find a place in magnificent homes where simply nothing else would do.

Chimes on these pages are grouped into four categories. Select the category on the green tabs at left to see my current inventory of each type.

Longbells - the most grand of all doorbells. Long tubes serve as the actual bells which are struck by solenoids to create the chiming sound. These are grand not just in appearance, but also have an acoustic resonance and sustain that is unmatched by other types of doorbells. Among this style are models with two, three or four bells. The two and three bell models strike the familiar two note ding-dong sound. Four-bell models strike a complex series of notes, most often the Westminster Chimes sequence.

Resonators - have exposed stubby tubes, often confused with actually being bells. In fact they are acoustic chambers that enhance the sound of simple flat “reeds” - bells that are more like xylophone keys which are placed along side or inside the resonator tubes. While less grand than longbells, they often have a very rich sound to them.

Compacts - these were typically the most modest door bells, where space or budget did not allow for the more deluxe chimes. They may or may not have small inboard resonator chambers to enhance the sound quality. While modest, they can be quite stylish and just right for a modest space.
Other Chimes - things that don’t quite fit in the other categories. Included in this section are recessed chimes with clocks, and chiming devices not necessarily intended for use as doorbells but potentially just the right thing for people who seek the unusual.

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