Technical Advice - Parts for Vintage Doorbells

Did I mention that I don’t sell parts? The parts in my stock are scrounged from extensive searching, and are exclusively reserved for repairing and completing other incomplete chimes I find and doing renovation work for service clients. I would be happy to provide you with an estimate for service on your chime.

Here's the thing about parts for vintage chimes: with limited exceptions, there aren’t any. No where.  Other than NuTone, the major and minor chime makers have either been out of business or left this industry decades ago- or in some cases, over half a century ago. There is no cache of parts.  Replacement parts generally need to be improvised or reconstructed.  I often use a local machinist to make missing parts- which redefines the meaning of expensive, but its one of the only ways to get, for example, a missing solenoid  plunger.  

Replacing a missing return spring is an exercise in frustration.  Unless one scavenged from a readily available modern doorbell will work, this is a  true challenge. Should be a 50-cent item, if only it could be found. I use Century Spring, which boasts over 300,000 parts… which is cool, except it makes finding the right spring a serious endeavor. By my experience there might be a dozen or so springs among all of those that are more or less useable for any given doorbell repair job.  And oh yeah… their minimum order is $50.

Did I mention that I don’t sell parts?

If you have one of the more common NuTone models. you might get lucky and find that the part you need is still available from Nutone. I recommend R&I Enterprise as a great online resource of NuTone parts.

Go to:

Here are what I find to be the most useful NuTone parts still available.

Plunger Set-4 69581-000 includes four plungers, springs, rebound bumpers and rear end caps. Useable on all K46-style mechanisms and probably many others. Might be discontinued.

Grommet Set 69683-000 includes four rubber grommets for mounting flat bells. Seem to fit every brand. These are specialized items, not typical hardware store grommets.

Tube Hanger Set 1958A-000 includes four molded nylon longbell hangers. Useful only for late model NuTone longbells that use this unique hanger.

Also, here is a massive list of NuTone models with links to parts drawings, but be aware that a picture and part number does not mean a part is still available.

For very old or less common NuTones, or any one of the other less common brands, you are entirely on your own to improvise, find a donor to scavenge, or have parts custom made.

Did I mention that I don’t sell parts?


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