New Chimes

New KNOCK Doorbells are made to fill a need that the major doorbell manufactures have left behind- stylish chimes with presence and quality. Aside from design quality, the thing that distinguishes KNOCK Doorbells from many other chimes is a philosophy that there is only one way to make a doorbell work- the honest way... to have little hammers strike metal bells. No synthetic chirps, no canned “music” and definitely no boring white boxes.

KNOCK specializes in making the classic longbell. The brass tubes aren't just for looks- they are actually the bells that are struck to make the familiar ding-dong sound with outstanding volume and lingering resonance.

Consider these features:

Connects to existing doorbell wiring found in most homes and works with all common doorbell buttons.

power requirement
Runs on low voltage power supplied by a common 16-volt doorbell transformer.

Two notes for front door; one note for additional door if installed.

Bell tubes are handcrafted from brass tube stock and make the clean clear sound that only brass can provide. They are cut to a specific length to provide the classic ding-dong tuning. The tubes are given a radial brush finish and protected with clear lacquer. Machined aluminum end plugs provide a solid anvil for the strike point of the bells. They are machined to a precise tolerance of +/- 0.005 to assure a perfect fit. Hanger loops are made of ultra-tough braided nylon cord.

The chime mechanism combines an industry-standard twin solenoid module and custom designed sheet metal frame. The frame is made from robust 16-guage steel for ruggedness, and powder coated for permanent protection. Stainless steel and nickel plated brass hardware make up the bell hanger assembly. Threaded hanger nuts allow left/right adjustment to tune in ideal bell position for a perfect strike.

Handcrafted by select woodworkers.

KNOCK Doorbells are handmade in very small lots to allow focused attention to quality. At times, a two week delay may be required while one is being built for you.

custom orders
Looking for something unique? KNOCK can do that!

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